Balanced Diet


 Balanced Diet:

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There is an age old saying that “helath is wealth”. Our health depends on the food we take. In develpoing nations, as the incomes raise, food habits of the people were taking a bad turn. High Fat and high calorie foods like pijjas and burgers were replacing the regular food grains, vegetables and fruits by 50%. This is leading to diet imbalance resulting in obesity, diabetes and other long term diseases.

Balanced Diet means a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables have all these ingredients necessary for the body.Indian Medical Research Council suggests an avergae daily intake of 300 grams of vegetables per person. This 300 grams is divided under 100 grams of leafy vegetables,150 grams of non-leafy vegetables and 50 grams of tuber vegetables.

Vegetables increase apetite and neutralise acids that are produced while digesting meat, fat and proteins. Fibre in Leafy vegetables, carrot and beetroot improves digestion. They help to fight against colon cancer, blood pressure and diabetes. Those engaged in weight loss can shed pounds by including vegetables as part of their diet, while intaking all nutrients and calories necessary for the body.

Water percentage in body reduces due to over heat and physical stress. Cucurbit vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd, watermelon, sweet melon have lots of water and by taking them in salad form water percentage in body can be regulated.

Onions, Garlic, Snake Gourd and Fenugreek leaves helps to purify blood. Young tender okra has abundant Iodin which helps to prevent Goiter disease.

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Cauliflower and cabbage have anti-cancer agents called Isothionates, which reduce the ill effects of nicotin and save smokers from cancer. Likewise eating radish, renal problems can be resolved to certain extent.

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Dark coloured vegetables like capsicum, tomato, carrot and leafy vegs have lot of carotenoids, flavonoids, C and E vitamins. They save body from free radicals 



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  1. Honey can be good for you, but most honey is processed to a point where it is not good for you. If you eat it RAW and uokcnoed, unpasteurized, and right from the hive, it is good for you and contains lots of minerals, but it has lots of sugar in it, so eating lots of it is not good.Like most foods being presented to people in the Mausoleums where dead food is held in state are located and herds of grocery carts roam the piles of marketing hyped packages of nutritionless heaps of dead garbage, honey that is processed fits right in and no one should eat that junk.Find a local bee keeper that does not heat his honey and has wild honey and buy that.good luck to you

    • R Sai Srinivas on

      Good info from you. Yes! Honey should be procured only from a local, an ethical beekeeper if we want raw and a 100% natural honey.
      Many thanks for your comments.

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